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Operation: Tillotson

Angel and I are currently working on a project very near and dear to us. We are taking our passion for animals and our passion for helping those in need and combining them. Operation: Tillotson is a benefit we are hosting in conjunction with Beacon 70. We have selected a Local veteran in need of a service dog. SFC Craig Tillotson is on a wait list for a service dog after meeting with him we realized how important and how beneficial this would be for SFC Tillotson if we could provide him with a service dog now. We went to work reaching out to those key people we would need to make this happen. We were blessed to team up with Perry Parks of ACDT Absolute Control Dog Training. Perry is working with us and SFC Tillotson to train and acquire the dog as well as working with SFC Tillotson and training him for proper handling. We will be fundraising for this project up until event day. There are several ways YOU can help! 

  • If you would like to donate you may do so by using our PayPal Link on site.
  • If you would like to participate in our vendor fair you can sign up for a 12x 12 or 12x 24 space the cost of the space is a donation towards the cause
  • If you would like to be a sponsor for our event shirts you can contact Jules to discuss. We are working with Awards of Brick to have shirts designed to sell for the benefit. For a donation sponsors will have their name or corporate name printed on the back of the shirt.
  • If you would like to donate an item for the gift raffle you may do so.
  • Purchase a ticket to the benefit. $10 from every ticket is being donated back to the cause

Event Tickets


Tickets are for our Day long event at Beacon 70 on August 29th 2019 beginning at 2pm. Tickets include Open Bar of Beer and Wine as well as Pizza and one sheet of tickets for the gift raffle.

Event Tickets

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We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. With the help of our staff, we organize fundraisers, and

 community-building events.

 Angel and I are a couple who have been together for quite some time now.  Our Backgrounds encompass a wide array of disciplines. I am a nurse by trade and an equestrian but spend most of my time in the service industry. Angel and I work together which suits us well. Our backgrounds include a passion for animals, fitness and well-being, natural living with whole foods, essential herbs, and oils, and, the martial arts. We have 7 horses, 2 amazing boxers, and 7 kitties.  Several years ago, in 2012 Angel and I were living and working on the Barrier Islands our home was in Ortley Beach and we worked at Gabriella’s in Lavallette. We had been there for several years and we truly loved life on the island. Everyone knew each other and being at the restaurant we had really built a strong reputation. Right before the start of the summer season in 2012 we were talking about what we could do to help our community. What could we do to give back to this place that had given us so much. It was in this moment Angel and Jules for Others was born.  We decided we were going to host a benefit for the Lavallette Police department we met with Chief Grant and told him of our Idea he was truly humbled by our offer. Chief Grant wasn’t sure how the community would respond we asked him to leave that to us! We worked tirelessly that summer organizing, planning, and spreading the word. Just before the Labor Day holiday we hosted a day long event at Gabs. We were able to raise enough funds to vest every officer in Lavallette and we created one of the best parties the town had ever seen. One of our regulars from Gabs attended and that evening at the end of the night her and her family approached us to say, “you guys did such a wonderful job you brought the entire community together’. From that point we decided each year we would do at least one benefit to help some part of our community.  In 2012 we were greatly impacted by Super-Storm Sandy we lost our home and Gabs which was devastating for us. While life was forever changed we decided we wanted to continue with the work we did as it wasn’t only about the good we did but how it made us feel. In 2013 we held a benefit to help Rebuild the Lavallette fire department. In 2014 we hosted a benefit to provide the beaches on the barrier islands with AED’s. in 2015 we hosted a benefit for Hometown Heroes to help in their recovery after their office fire and we also organized the donation of emergency supplies for Classic City Clydes in Atlanta Georgia after their barn fire. In 2016 and 2017 we hosted a benefit for The Friends of Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter and organized a large collection of food and supplies for the animals impacted by Hurricane’s Harvey and Maria. We are a small nonprofit Angel and I in addition to our board members, so we are limited in the amount we can do each year. Regardless of this we put our hearts into whatever project we are working on and we give 100% of any proceeds to the cause. Stay Tuned to see what’s coming up for 2018

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